The Kiheitai is probably one big distraction for Takasugi.

He’s never gotten over Shoyou, and never will. The coping mechanism for him is to kill people and he has no qualms about that.

Katsura used to be this way until Gintoki firmly reminded him that protecting others made you a stronger samurai.

I think it was plausible that at one point Takasugi considered killing himself, but Gintoki stopped him (Shoyou’s promise to protect others, remember?). Because Takasugi was in charge of a lot of motivating men to essentially what was a lost cause in the first place.

That may have been Gintoki’s fatal mistake.

Takasugi ended up with the very skills that was necessary to lead an army - charisma, leadership, manipulation, swordsmanship - and decided that they would also serve him well in a terrorist organization.

I don’t doubt for a minute that Takasugi converted his bitterness into anger and made the Kiheitai a reason to live.

Instead of drowning in sorrow, anger motivated him to take action. If the Kiheitai fails, he’d probably kill himself.

there's nothing left for you to protect anymore.
there's nothing left for you to protect anymore.

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